How the Right Colors In Your Office Can Boost Moral


You are wondering why Google has those amazing theme-park looking offices, here is why; it has been proven that the interior of our offices has an impact in our productivity, creativity and moral. You have the obligation as an employer to look after your firm and your employees. So get creative while planning your new office and the right colors for it.

Going Green

Going green is very popular these days. A research has shown that people would prefer working for companies that are considered as green and eco-friendly. Think of becoming one of those paperless companies you keep on hearing about, install EV chargers on the parking lots, encourage recycling and healthier eating, declare “Vegan” Mondays or give monthly titles to your employees: “Most eco-friendly”, or “The greenest.”

Going green increases employee consciousness as they become more aware about their actions and consequences. Do not forget to put some actual greenery in your offices. The color green is good for boosting confidence and calmness. People are happier when they are surrounded by plants and flowers. Make natural light and ventilation big parts of your office too, it is good for the plants; as well as for the people.

Colour Psychology

The greyish and dull offices are long gone. Times are changing and becoming more colorful. Each color has its own characteristics and impacts us in different ways. For example when offices are grey, white or beige, they invoke feelings of sadness. More colorful and funky offices are the thing of today. Here are the qualities that some colors have on us; so you can know better what you are putting in your office. Mixing these colors give out the best results:


Increases blood flow and pressure. It invokes passion and emotion. If you want to highlight something in your office, paint it red. It is also a color that is good for business that involve manual, hard work.


Stimulates creativity and optimism. People tend to act happier when around yellow. It is usually put in creative offices where a lot of designers, writers or artists have desks.


Increases productivity, while keeping employees calm. It also increases focus and helps with task completion. It is associated with stability and can usually be found in finance or accounting offices.


As mentioned before; green boosts confidence and relaxation. It is good for people who work long-hours. Being surrounded by green, they will feel less tired.

Appreciating Employees

Hint: it is also good for you. Appreciating employees makes them act differently. They become more contempt and productive. Use the right colors in your office by creating fun, colorful games. Use the information you have and maybe put daily thank you or praise notes in different colors, you can even make it an appreciation wall.

You can also try a creative group activity, like decorating a certain area or renovating a garden. It may sound awkward for some (like an episode of THE OFFICE), but it is proven that engaging in playful activities makes people feel more appreciated. People want to feel that they belong and what better way than group and meaningful activities. Let the garden be the symbol of your connection. You spend most of the time together, so make your employees feel like home, let those right colors be of love and kindness.


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