Looking for a shared office space can prove to be difficult if you don’t have a checklist to adhere to. Before you start searching, decide on what is necessary for your situation, and figure out a budget. This will help you to make a decision once you have seen your options, and keep you from spending pointless money.

Here are the 5 factors to consider when looking for a shared office space:

1. Location

Just like any real estate, its all about location. You want to pick a place that is fairly close to your home so your commute time is short. You also want to pick a good neighbourhood and one that is easily accessible by your preferred transportation method, whether that be public transport or car.

2. Amenities

Shared office spaces have variety of different amenities. Its important to know what is necessary for you beforehand as offices can add useless amenities that you don’t need or want just to raise the price. Internet, printing, calling, and mail services are just some of the major amenities. If you need a coffee maker or underground parking for your beloved car, understand that extra amenities will reflect on your monthly bill.

3. Budget

Shared office spaces can range from a few hundred dollars a month to thousands. This is also why its important to know what amenities you require, and what amenities are just extras that you want. Cost is the most important factor when it comes to shared office spaces, as you don’t want to spend all your money from your business just on your office. Have a budget in mind before you start searching, and stick to that budget.

4. Lease Contract

Shared office spaces are beneficial because of their flexibility. Don’t sign any contracts that lock you in for any more time than you’re comfortable with. If you know you might be on the move in the near future, look for spaces that allow you to rent for short periods of time so you don’t overpay for space you won’t be using.

5. Security

Security is a must. If a shared office space doesn’t have some sort of lock and key system and/or security guards making rounds, don’t risk it. Your office needs to be a safe and comfortable place, where you have the peace of mind knowing your laptop won’t disappear overnight.
Shared office spaces will always be cheaper than having your own private office. Just make sure it checks the boxes on your list before you sign any lease or contract, and try to look for certain things on the list above that you think are necessary to help you and your small business grow.

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