Working in an enclosed space, surrounded with the same people and tasks each day for 8 hours, 5 days a week can become boring. And when there is boredom around the office, workers become less engaged, resulting in an unhealthy and unproductive environment. Luckily for business owners, there are thousands of ways to increase employee engagement and improve morale. Here are some which always seem to work:


The first and most important thing you should do is remind your employees of the mutual goal you share. Defining one goal and sticking to it is key for succeeding. This is applicable to everything such as losing weight, fixing up a broken marriage or learning how to knit.

If you want to learn knitting so that you can make a sweater for a loved one, the chances for you to actually learn are higher, compared to learning without having that or any other goal. So, set little goals which lead to a bigger one and mark or celebrate when they have been completed. For a firm, it can be a number of sales, revenue or even shares on Facebook.


The second thing you should incorporate in the daily schedule is appreciation. People work twice as hard if they are aware of their impact and influence. Showing appreciation can be done in lots of different ways. You can give out funny and creative awards like the fastest, the most environmentally conscious, the kindest. Even though some appreciative gestures can look small, they will never go unnoticed. All of us want to belong and contribute in a positive way. And when that part of us is satisfied, miracles happen.

Fun & Relaxation

Corporate team building events aren’t so popular for nothing. Organizing fun for employees always brings positive things. Changing the perspective in your employees and building positive memories for working at your firm will make them appreciate you even more. Make working for your fun and enjoyable instead of boring and annoying. You can try simple things like a day on the beach or big events like balloon rides and escape rooms. Think within your budget, but whatever you decide, the employees will surely love it.


Working a job you love is amazing. However, people don’t want to be stuck in the same position for all their lives. Giving opportunities such as promotions, awards or additional employee training motivates everyone. You can also make events that liberate employee creativity. For instance, a company named Atlassian created an event called FedEx day.

On that day, each employee can do whatever they like as long as it is connected with the firm. So if someone in accounting likes drawing, on FedEx day he/she can work on a logo instead. At the end of the event, each employee presents the ideas from which Atlassian chooses the best ones. In fact, they even started putting some ideas in practice, improving products and sales.

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