Productivity is the basis for measuring performance. A higher level of productivity is an indication of optimal performance. As the HR boss or an employee, if you discover that productivity is low according to the standard for evaluation, you should consider the strategies below to improve productivity within the office space. Keep in mind that improving productivity is a deliberate effort bordering around time management, office space layout, and more.

List, Prioritize, and Time Tasks

If you ever want to improve productivity irrespective of your position and job description, you should create a list of all tasks expected of you, sort them in order of importance, and tone them. Knowing which tasks are more important is crucial to take your productivity to the next level. And assigning time to each task helps you to get more stuff done daily.

Set Deadlines

When you are working on open-ended projects or tasks, setting self-imposed deadlines, and sticking to them will help you to focus more on the tasks and meet your goals. It may be stressful, but your achievement will not go unnoticed. Watching the deadline will serve as a catalyst that will give you more passion and drive to complete the task in time or on time, but certainly not beyond the time required.

Take Breaks

Research has revealed that taking regular short breaks during long tasks is useful for improving concentration and maintaining a constant level of performance. It reduces boredom and distractions. Working for long hours without breaks cause a significant drop in performance and productivity. As a result, factor in short breaks into the timing for each task to keep your mind fresh and rejuvenate, and your energy level high.

Stop Multitasking

One of the causes of low crucial to improving productivity, or is indeed a thief of time and performance. Focusing on several tasks at the same time creates divided attention, and you end up spending more time with less productivity than when you focus your attention and energy in a job at a time. Instruct everyone to concentrate on a single task at a time and see how productivity will skyrocket.

Turn off Notifications

No matter how disciplined you are, you may find it hard to resist the sound of notifications of email, text, or voicemail, which will distract you and steal some minutes from you. Instead of allowing the notifications to hinder your progress, instruct everyone to turn off notifications on their devices whenever they are within the office space to minimize or get rid of any form of distractions.

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